Bratislava Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Wine Tasting

Bratislava Wine Tasting

Sip on something decadent with your hen party in Bratislava...

Love your vino? If so, Bratislava hen weekend wine tasting is a must. Check out some fine Slovakian wines, learn the lingo and find out how to read a wine label like a true connoisseur.

A wine tasting session includes:

  • Wine expert
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Tasting session featuring a variety of Slovak wines

Choose Bratislava hen weekend wine tasting and you're onto a winner. It's a great choice for mixed groups; there are no seasonal restrictions and you get slightly squiffy on high quality wines. How often do you get the chance to sample the good stuff?

Packages That Include This Activity:

Bratislava Hen Party Packages - Wine Tasting
Wine Weekend

From £140.00 Per Person