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A group of 8 ladies in orange jumpsuits walking into cells.

Brighton Alcotraz Cocktail Experience

Escape From Reality: The Alcotraz Hen Experience

Embarking on a memorable and unconventional adventure, your hen party could venture into the heart of Brighton to partake in the Alcotraz Cocktail Experience. A unique blend of excitement and intrigue awaits you as you take the classic orange jumpsuits, instantly transforming into participants within the immersive cocktail narrative.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the vibrant atmosphere and the anticipation of the unknown. The experience promised an immersion into the world of a penitentiary, with live actors and an authentic penitentiary setting that will make you feel as though you had stepped right into a movie scene. The theme is engagingly evident in every detail, from the prison cells to the iron bars, ensuring a sense of excitement and novelty throughout.

Locking Up the Bride-to-Be

One of the highlights of this immersive journey is the "smuggle in your own booze" challenge. Armed with your chosen spirits, you will embrace the thrill of bypassing the warden's watchful eye to discreetly deliver your contraband to the bar. The creative twist is exhilarating, and it will add an extra layer of suspense to your hen weekend.

The bar itself will be staffed by skilled and entertaining bartenders who masterfully incorporate your chosen liquors into personalized cocktails. Witnessing their mixology prowess will be a treat, and you will indulge in a range of flavours, each tailored to your individual preferences.

As laughter and clinking glasses fill the air, the Alcotraz Cocktail Experience in Brighton proves to be an unforgettable hen party choice. It will bring you closer together as you navigated through the interactive plot, savoure the unique cocktails crafted with your own spirits, and revelled in the imaginative atmosphere that will transport far from the ordinary.

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