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Brighton Bar Entry with Free Shot

'Take me to...Pleasure Town!' - Veronica Corningstone, Anchorman

So you're spending your final fling before the ring on the epic South Coast. Getting into the most popular venue isn't always easy on a Friday or Saturday night - unless you've been a clever hen and booked in advance...

We've got a limited number of guaranteed entry places for one of the hottest spots in the rowdy Beachfront area, Brighton Bar Entry with Free Shot is the perfect way to start off a hen party! Start as you mean to carry on, massive!

Take life with a grain of salt...a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila.

This funky, rocky gem is hidden just off the promenade, on Preston Street. It's been winning droves of local devotees ever since it opened. When you step inside it's easy to see why! Intimate and quirky, this place is like a cross between a rock pub and a swank New York City bar. Plus, it serves an intimidating list of cocktails, many of which burn or sparkle when they're delivered!

Show us a hen party that doesn't like big colourful drinks with sparklers in, and we'll show you a group of girls who've come to the wrong town! Get the party well and truly started in Brighton's new favourite place to be with a round of complimentary shots, grab a few of the famous bar bites and study those drinks menus. We'll have a Flaming Zombie, please...

In a nutshell:

  • Brighton Bar Entry with Free Shot
  • Guaranteed entry into a fab party bar
  • Free round of shots
  • Massive cocktail menu
  • Great atmosphere
  • Big beats

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