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Brighton - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Battlezone Archery

Brighton Battlezone Archery

The badass event for warrior hens!

If your girl is into sport and actionmovies, she'll go for Brighton Battlezone Archery in a big way. Think HungerGames-style action with bows that bend and special arrows that suck up theshock of a hit so you don't feel the impact. It's a competitive team event thatincludes dodgeball and paintball-inspired games as well as original BattlezoneArchery, where you attempt to hit cones and take the other team's players outof the game.

"I shall show you no mercy"- DanaerysStormborn, Game of Thrones

Bring your game faces. Seriously. No moreMrs Nice! This is Brighton Battlezone Archery not a tea party. A bit ofcompetitive action is just what the hen doctor ordered for those pre-weddingjitters. Get out on the battlefield and give those worries what for.

You'll have a brilliant time diving behindbouncy bunkers, shooting the enemy and playing at being a hero. Don't worry ifsome of the girls have never done anything quite like this before. The instructorslive and breathe this stuff and are true professionals. They'll hand out bows,arrows and protective gear then go through the rules and explain how to play. You'll be firing away like proper action heroines in minutes.

In a nutshell:

  • Brighton Battlezone Archery
  • Archery meets paintball and dodgeball
  • Flexible bows
  • Rubber-tipped arrows absorb shock
  • Protective gear is provided
  • Eventcoordinators run the games
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