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Male body model covered in paint - Hen Weekends Activity

Brighton Naked Body Painting

'I dream my painting and I paint my dream'

Ladies, this is a completely naughty activity for your hen weekend! Imagine, prosecco and naked male models. A fun, fantastic event just for you and the girls, make sure you add a Brighton Naked Body Painting activity to your itinerary. On arrival all the girls will be given a glass of prosecco along with a book full of body painted models for inspiration. Talk about what you will paint on your model over a cold glass of prosecco. Perfection!

You will be provided with tips on how to body paint and decorate your model. Don't worry about getting your clothes dirty, you will be supplied with aprons to make you feel like the real Picasso. Palettes, body paint and brushes are also included! Are you picturing painting a hairy chest? That would be difficult right? The naked models are silky smooth, so this is not a problem. The model will be stood on a stool ready for you and the girls to paint him wherever you wish.

I'll be there in a prosecco!

Picture this: All the girls are in their aprons, glass of prosecco in hand and have their colour palettes and ideas at the ready. You can either have 4-6 girls painting at one time or take in turns to create your masterpiece. You can literally paint anything on this naked model he is your blank canvas. Throughout the activity your model will take part in group photoshoots and selfies. You will have plenty of photos to take home with you along with the memories you will create.

There is no better place to be creative than with a body painting class. Add this in as part of your hen weekend and the girls will think you are the best hen party planner around! Girls may be a little dubious of the activity at first, but you wait until after! They will be wanting to go again and again.

In a nutshell:

  • All equipment needed to paint
  • Inspirational book of ideas for your design
  • Opportunities for group photos throughout
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