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Bristol - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Old School Sports Day

Bristol Old School Sports Day

Sports day gets the reboot treatment

The hen night is easy: Harbourside and Park Street pub crawl. But what do you do during the day to get everyone in 'team hen' spirit?Bristol Old School Sports Dayis more fun than shopping and more memorable than a trip on a packet boat. It's a 60-minute team activity that includes all the best races you did at primary. If you've ever thought about going back in time and having another go at the sack race or the 100m sprint, this event will let you live the dream.

Leave the typical stuff to the tourists and do something that will make you laugh, cheer, shout and smile. Everyone loves a bit of retro! And it really does not get much more retro than running round cones in a pair of pumps and a pink team bib.

"All I learnt at school, was how to bend not break the rules" - Madness

Speaking of rules, you won't have many to follow. Bristol Old School Sports Day is hosted and run by an event organiser, who takes care of all the planning and setup jobs so you don't need to. After a quick hello and a brief, the group is put into teams and the fun begins!

You'll be laughing from the moment the whistle blows for the first race. Crease up and slap you thigh as your besties go berserk on space hoppers, drop beanbags and get in a strop with the hoops. It's well funny and just what you need to get the girls on board with the whole hen night thing.

In a nutshell:

  • Bristol Old School Sports Day
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
  • Races you did when you were little
  • Team format
  • Team with the most points wins a silly prize
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