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Bristol - Hen Party Ideas & Activities - Zombie Shooting

Bristol Zombie Shooting

Roses are red. Zombies are green. When the dead start to rise, you're on my team!

For all those Walking Dead fangirl brides a Bristol Zombie Shootinghen party is a definite 'must do'! Get your bride tribe zombie apocalypse ready with kickass events like axe throwing, assault rifle shooting, crossbows and exploding archery. Come on girls, let out your inner Daryl Dixon! Learn the basics, then unleash hell on the brain munchers. Everything you need is provided and instruction is included.

Just turn up, grab a weapon and take 'em down!

Come as you are or do the fancy dress thing. This zombie killing frenzy lasts around four hours. The activity site is on a big farm a short car journey from the city centre - so come get some, gf!

Axe Throwing

Pistols, shotguns and rifles need ammo - which, let's be honest, may be in short supply during the zombie takeover. That's why you need to learn axe throwing! Master the basics and see if you can get the axe to spin a couple of times as it whizzes through the air towards the zombie targets. It's not everyday you ladies do something this badass! Let your inner Alice from Resident Evil come bursting on the scene!

Assault Rifles

If you plan on surviving the zombie onslaught, you're going to need to learn how to handle an assault rifle. These bad boys are semi-automatic, so they really pack a punch. After a little one-on-one instruction, you'll get the chance to unload a mag into 3D zombie targets. Line one up in your sights and take your shot. Bam! Now this is even better than Dead Rising 4!


You've seen Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead take down walkers with a kickass crossbow. Now it's your turn to go old school on the living dead! These are hefty, powerful and shoot bolts at top speed. The undead won't know what's hit them! learn how to stand, hold the crossbow, draw and fire bolts at the zombies. Crossbows require a cool head under pressure and a super steady hand. Shoot a bolt and feel your adrenaline levels soar. Remember ladies, go for the head!

Exploding Archery

There's nothing more satisfying that seeing a zombie target explode when you hit it! But you won't be able to hit the broadside of a barn without mastering the art of the bow and arrow! Nail basic skills like archery stance, nocking the arrow, setting up, drawing, aiming and the exhilarating release. Instructors will be on hand to give you loads of handy tips on how to become a zombie slaying badass!

In a nutshell:

  • Bristol Zombie Shooting
  • 4 events over 4 hours
  • Countryside locale just outside the city
  • Loads of fun
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