Budapest Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Trabant Trek

Budapest Trabant Trek

Explore the Budapest with your hen party, vintage-style!

Pair up and take a bunch of Trabants for a trek in the hills just outside Budapest. These old bangers from Communist times have ancient two-stroke engines and a top speed of 60mph. Putter along the roads and cheer when Trabi makes it to the top of a hill. You'll be laughing so hard your sides ache! If you want a hen weekend full of hilarious moments and magical memories, a countryside chunter in a Trabant will do the trick.

Leave Chain Bridge and the thermal baths behind for a couple of hours and take a drive to the lovely countryside. These little legends from the 1960s have bags of retro appeal. Absolutely everyone had a Trabant back in the day, they're a massive part of Hungarian culture.

Don't worry if you've never been in an old school motor before, instructors will show you how to drive a Trabant. You'll be up to speed in no time - they're not exactly sophisticated.

Think you can cut it without power steering and satnav? This Top Gear-style challenge will make you look at driving in a totally fresh light. Fasten your seat belts and step on it. Put your foot to the floor, hold it there, and pray!

In a nutshell:

  • 2 people per Trabant
  • 2 hr activity
  • Discover the countryside surrounding Budapest

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