Cardiff Hen Party Ideas and Activities - Bierkeller

Cardiff Bierkeller

Go from ordinary to extraordinary!

You've visited the bars and done drunk dancing in the nightclubs. Now it's time to find out what else Cardiff has to offer for girls on a wild weekend with a visit to the Cardiff Bierkeller! Set up for lads and lasses who want something unusual, the Cardiff Bierkeller is one of the most popular venues on our list. It's also a brilliant antidote to the usual hen party problems. No more trying to keep the girls together between drinks, or freezing in your LBD while you try to flag down multiple taxis. From beginning to end, the whole evening takes place in one fantastic location.

We've arranged for the girls to have premium seats in Cardiff's most popular theme bar, plus delicious stein of Bavarian beer and some scrumptious pretzel snacks. Expect to bang tables, stamp your feet and wave your drinks around as you get swept away by the party feeling!

Save water, drink beer!

Your hosts for the evening are Cardiff's craziest band - playing oompah classics in a tempestuous tour of German bierkeller traditions. These guys aren't your average bunch of granddads, though! Hard drinking and a boatload of fun, they're the perfect centrepiece to a totally different night out.

When the oompah has finished, the party music begins courtesy of the Bierkeller's DJ. It's like going from amazing bar to cheesy club without leaving your seat. You won't even have to go looking for the bar. Your hen party is covered by waitress service, so sit back and enjoy the show. Or get up and dance. Everyone else is!

In a nutshell:

  • Cardiff Bierkeller entry
  • Cloakroom
  • Pretzel
  • House stein
  • Premium seating
  • Waitress service

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