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Chelsea Hen Party Ideas and Activities - Battlezone Archery

Chelsea Battlezone Archery

What happens when three titans clash?

You get Chelsea Battlezone Archery, the sport of warrior queens! This kicks major ass and it will be a big hen party highlight. Think archery mashed up with paintball and a little dodgeball for extra flavour. Why do one when you can experience a blend of all three? It's like a big tasty stew. Prepare for an hour of team games and combat archery, led by event professionals. There will be big hits, near misses, and lots of drama.

Here's the super important bit: the arrows have been designed so that when they hit someone, they don't wound like traditional ones would. That means you can really go for it without worrying about hurting anyone or more importantly, getting hurt yourself.

You don't have to be Hawkeye for this one

We can't all be Avengers! The good news is that you don't have to be a super talented sportswoman or Marvel superhero to enjoy Chelsea Battlezone Archery. Sporting prowess is second to fun in this game. You will of course blow off lots of steam and maybe score a few hits, but you'll have a giggle and lots of fun at the same time. The Saatchi Gallery and the Chelsea Physic Garden are all very well and good but if you want a thrilling hen party, this event is the way forward.

In a nutshell:

  • Chelsea Battlezone Archery
  • Combat games with archery equipment that doesn't inflict pain
  • Archery, paintball and dodgeball are united in one event
  • Coordinators instruct and organise each game
  • All the gear will be ready and waiting for you at the venue
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