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Dublin Hen Do Ideas and Activities - Treasure Hunt

Dublin Treasure Hunt

Forget boring sightseeing! This is your Dublin hen weekend.

A Dublin treasure hunt comes in two flavours: pub, and city. What's your poison?

As this is a hen do in Dublin, we're guessing you'll go for the pub treasure hunt! Dublin is famous for 'em after all. You'll have a grand time racing between legendary bars frequented by Ireland's literary greats, taking selfies, solving clues, and completing challenges that lead to some of the city's biggest landmarks. Culture and fun come together in one exciting, race the clock activity that's delivered through everyone's favourite thing - the smartphone.

That's right, the whole treasure hunt works off your phone. Ditch massive paper maps and pens. We're talking live maps, challenges to unlock, clues to open and selfies. Lots of selfies! To make things even more exciting, you can keep track of where the other team is up to using the real time tracking feature.

What better way to keep people and culture lovers happy on a hen do? You'll be able to say you did the famous pubs and saw big sights like Trinity College, the National Gallery, John Kavanagh's, and St Patrick's in one go. Will you smash the challenges or fall prey to the temptations of the pubs?

In a nutshell:

  • Smartphone treasure hunt of Dublin
  • Choose between pub or city landmarks versions
  • Selfies, clues, and challenges
  • Live features
  • Team tracking

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Dublin.

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