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Edinburgh Escape Rooms

Will your bride tribe manage to escape?

Edinburgh Escape Rooms will have you and the girls solving puzzles, overcoming challenges and defeating your doubts. Walk in as a friends but walk out heroes as you battle it through the tough 60 minutes to try and escape. There are 6 unique rooms to choose from, offering an immersive escape room experience. 

You will be put to the test in these challenging themed rooms. If there is a big group of you then maybe the two teams are battling it out to see who can escape the quickest. The losing team buys the first round of drinks. That’s a deal! 

Before she says I do, lets have a drink or two… 

Whether you decide to be jungle explorers, pirates or convicted criminals you and your group will take on the mission of tackling a variety of puzzles and mind boggling challenges that are designed to prevent you from escaping. So even better if you do! If you and the girls escape in a super quick time you could end up on the leader board of quickest escapes! Imagine becoming champions on your hen weekend! 

The girls will love this on the hen weekend, all you need to do is let us plan your day and you get the girls to turn up at the right time. An escape room is a great activity to break up the day, as it’s only 60 minutes you won’t feel as though you have taken up half of the day on one activity. Get your names down for one of the escape rooms today!

In a nutshell: 

Centrally located escape rooms 

6 fantastic rooms to choose from 

60 minutes to escape 

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