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Glasgow Hen Party Ideas and Activities - Battlezone Archery

Glasgow Battlezone Archery

Forget the makeup, put your game face on!

Glasgow Battlezone Archery is the best activity if you want to get the girls pumped and ready to hen party. Afternoon tea will make them sluggish and pole dancing is way too predictable. You're in Scotland, a country full of badasses. Go head-to-head in an archery battle that's safe but exciting. The bows flex. And the arrows? They won't do the usual damage because their ends are round and rubbery. Genius.

"Run away, you know that I'll chase" - Deadpool

Best described as a paintball, archery and dodgeball combo, this event is a structured 1-hour affair that gets everyone in team spirit. Here's how it goes: you arrive, get split into teams, receive your armour and weapons, and take your places on either end of the field. Your mission is simple: win the match. It has five games. They vary but you can expect the kind of action and scenarios you experience in paintball and dodgeball.

There are little twists to Glasgow Battlezone Archery, and times when the rules change to keep you alert and focused on your game. If someone manages to catch an arrow, they can bring a fallen teammate back into the fight. Aim for the other team's cones! You get a whopping 50 points for hitting one of those bad boys. That could turn a game around in a second.

This is the kind of event that'll keep everyone talking for years. You don't forget the girls you went on a hen party with, and there's no chance you'll forget the weekend you went to Glasgow and shot each other with bows and arrows!

In a nutshell:

  • Glasgow Battlezone Archery
  • 5 games
  • Different ways to score points
  • Rubber-tipped arrows
  • Safety gear, briefing & instruction included
  • Just outside city centre
  • Game marshals
  • Allow 1hr for this activity
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