10 Cheap Date Ideas

Finding time between both of your busy schedules can be tough, but date nights don’t have to be the activities that cost a lot or takes up too much time. Especially in long term relationships the term ‘date night’ or ‘date day’ gets watered down and sometime even forgotten about. Making sure you both create time to spend together is important, and you can do this even on a budget! 

Coming up with fun ideas might be the last thing on your mind with how busy you both are and especially if you have little ones running around. We have got you covered, below is a list full of fun and cheap / free date night and date day ideas: 

1. Go through old photos – Plan an evening where you can sit and go through all your old pictures, reminisce on some of the great memories you have created. Even turn it into a bit of a game, who can remember where the photo was taken and when? Even grab some vino and snacks.

2. Put together a puzzle – Great for team work and for both of you to take your minds off your day to day activities such as work. You will both feel like you have accomplished something together.  

3. Get in the kitchen together – Some nights you may take it in turns to cook, who ever is in first makes dinner. But, why not get in the kitchen together and plan to make a special indulgent dinner.

4. Have a picnic – Buy some snacks, make your own sandwiches and head to a picnic spot, you may already have a favourite park that you both love. 

5. Go on a breakfast date – Breakfast can be the least expensive meal option, and some may say the tastiest. Set yourselves up for the day and either go out for breakfast or stay at home and cook up a big feast.  

6. Play a sport – Playing a sport together such as Frisbee, kicking a ball around or even joining a club together can be great fun especially if your both sporty and competitive. Go to the local park and take on the role of being ‘big kids’. 

7. Explore a nearby town/village – Spend a couple of hours visiting nearby towns or villages you may come across a gem of a place and really enjoy the area and its surroundings. Grab a coffee in a local café before taking a stroll round. 

8. Movie marathon night – Grab a DVD or download a film and have a cosy night in together. Perfect excuse to eat sweet snacks and maybe even treat yourselves to your favourite beverage.  

9. Have a game night – Pull out your all time favourite board games and have a game night date. If you can’t agree on a game, play two! 

10. Go to the farm/zoo – Head to a local farm and spend time feeding the animals, walking around and just enjoying each other’s company. 

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Date Posted: Friday 23rd November 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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