10 Reasons to Watch the Rugby World Cup

You need the Rugby World Cup in your life! Here are 10 reasons to watch the biggest event in the rugger calendar.

Reason 1: Luke Charteris, Wales

Picture credit: Guardian

Broad shoulders and a brooding, smouldering look. Get in!


Reason 2: The Haka

The traditional Maori warrior dance performed by the New Zealand All Blacks will give you the chills.


Reason 3: Sean Maitland, Scotland

Sean's recently recovered from a shoulder injury and is back on form. Clearly. If this hottie isn't a reason to watch the Rugby World Cup, I don't know what is!

Image credit: bbcnews


Reason 4: A Rugby match is 10 minutes shorter than a football match.

90 minutes? Pffft! These warriors take care of business in 80.

Reason 5: Geoff Parling and his beard

Image credit: canterbury.com

There goes England's Geoff, rocking facial hair like a legend. What a man, what a beard!

Reason 6: It's British, y'know

Rugby was invented by William Webb Ellis, who went to the exclusive Rugby School. Hence the name. Also, Zara Philips (Princess Anne's daughter) married England's Mike Tindall. Not enough to get you flying the Union Jack and singing 'Jerusalem'? Ok, how about this: England is the only non-southern hemisphere country to win the Rugby World Cup ever. Big deal, as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa traditionally dominate the sport.

Reason 7: Courtney Lawes, England

Picture credit: Mirror

Look at Courtney crushing that ball. Grrr!

Reason 8: The banter is spot on

Rugby fans are a very good natured, friendly bunch. The banter's top notch, too. The rivalry's there, but it's all in good spirit.


Reason 9: Ian Madigan, Ireland

Big arms, manly chest. Boom!

Image credit: Rugbylad

Reason 10: 'Swing Low, Sweet Chariot'

Rugby songs bring a tear to the eye of even the fiercest players. When 'Swing Low' is sung, everyone's in bits. In a manly way of course. All together now: “Swing low, sweet char-iot, coming for to carry me home!”

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Date Posted: Wednesday 16th September 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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