14 Things People Said To Real Brides

Everyone's got an opinion. Smile, and remember it will all be worth it on your wedding day!

1. Aren't you going to invite our best friends to the family dinner the night before?

No, I haven't seen or spoken to them in 20 years. And they're not family. I only invited them to shut you up.

2. Will we have chance to get lunch before the wedding ceremony?

Do what you like, I will be drinking champagne and having my hair done.

3. Where am I going to stay?

Remember that handy list of hotels we had printed and included with your invitations? Feel free to use it!

4. Who else is staying in my hotel?

Er, I have no idea!

5. I'll make you a big meringue wedding dress; you've got to have a meringue!

Thank you so much for that very kind offer but I'm tiny so it would make me look like a toilet roll holder. A bit like Jordan when she married Peter Andre. Lovely.

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6. Winter? Winter?! Why don't you get married in June instead?

Because it'll be hideously busy and expensive.

7. How am I going to get there?

The wedding venue is in the town centre. There are planes, trains, cars and buses. I think you'll manage!

8. You're not serving an actual wedding breakfast?

No, there are over 100 guests; you're getting real champagne and afternoon tea, plus a big-ass buffet in the evening. You will not starve.

9. We're taking your fiance for a wedding day surf!

I will actually kill you if I have to spend my wedding day in A&E.

10. Can I leave my hat box here? Shouldn't we take it back to my hotel room?

Mum, I love you but the car is here now, I've just realised I am nervous after all, and my hands are starting to shake. I really couldn't care less about the damn hat box.

11. I was up all night drinking. I hope I don't pass out during the ceremony.

It's ok, I understood exactly what you were like when I asked you to be one of my bridesmaids. I only have myself to blame!

12. Here, have a shot of black Sambuca! We've got to get you twisted on your wedding day.

Already way ahead of you on that score! I might actually vom if I have one more drink and the evening reception has only just started.

13. You didn't invite me to your wedding, I'm crashing it. Hope you don't mind!

There are no words.

14. We're going now it was 9am on Sunday morning, come down to the car park so we can say goodbye.

Oh God, I only went to bed four hours ago. I think I'm still wearing my wedding makeup. Why didn't we turn the phones off?
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Date Posted: Tuesday 5th April 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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