20 Cheap Date Night Ideas

We all love Netflix and chill but summer's here! So, why don't you switch off your TV set and do something less boring instead? Here are 20 date night ideas that will warm your heart without emptying your wallet.

Carpet Picnic

The classic! And it doesn't matter if the British weather is pulling its usual trick of being unpredictable or if the kids are late to bed. Get the blanket out and open the posh crisps. You have to do it properly or it's not a picnic. No TV. Plates are banned. Washing up has no place on date night.

Park Picnic

Grab the picnic basket and head over to your favourite park. Preferably one you don't have to drive to. Go to a shop on the way and load up on your favourite nibbles. A park picnic calls for cava or prosecco. I'd say champagne but these are supposed to be cheap date night ideas!

Outdoor Cinema

Nottingham has a great one at Woollaton Hall in late August. Watch Batman at Batman's house! Woollaton Hall was Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. If that doesn't grab you, they usually show a classic like Dirty Dancing. It's more social than being indoors, you can bring your own booze and the snacks are way cheaper.

Camp out in the garden

You don't have to drive hours to find a campsite. Dig the tent out, stick it in the garden, get some food and booze from the kitchen or shops and talk to each other. That's right, talk. Remember that? Smartphones off for this one, please! You could even get the big romantic guns out and watch the sunrise. Failing all that, make a fort indoors and illuminate with fairy lights. Boom.

Go to the fair

If you're looking for cheap date night ideas for summer, a fair is a good bet. All big cities and most towns have a touring fair visit at some point. Hit the stalls and try and win a cuddly toy. Wave candy floss around. Buy a balloon. Go on a ride. All that stuff.

Naked Scrabble or Chess

Good for mind and body.

Call of Duty

Yes, Call of Duty! Get your game face on and send those adrenaline levels all the way up.

Make Pizza Together

From scratch, no cheating. You've got to actually make the dough and either toss it or at least stretch it. Load with cheese and get creative with the toppings. It's fun, easy to make and everyone loves it.

Ice Skating

It's funny, it's cheap and it involves clinging on to each other for dear life. And then falling on your arses and laughing about it. Ideal.

Kitchen Disco

Dig out all your favourite dancefloor classics. Buy a couple of bottles. Turn up the volume on the sound system and you have an instant party with your favourite person.

Give each other massages

Well, this IS cheap date night after all. If you want it to have a happy ending so to speak, massages are the way forward. You've got to do it right: candles flickering, low lights, soothing music and massage oils.

Go skinny dipping

You need to live near a beach for this one really. Or have (or have access to) a hot tub. It is a classic though, and definitely one for the bucket list. It's also free. And really, there's only one way this is going to play out! You are going to get lucky.

Go and see a band in a pub

Great for midweek dates. Some gigs are free or it's cheap entry. There's always a band on at a pub somewhere and who knows? They might just end up being your new favourite.

Play pub games

Giant Jenga. Darts. Pool. They're all good cheap date night ideas and mean you don't simply go to the pub and get mullered. Which costs money. Unless you start early and do happy hour of course. Just a thought...

Play board games you loved as kids

Hungry Hippos springs instantly to mind.

Go and watch a game

It has to be a local team and can be anything: football, rugby, ice hockey, cricket.

Have a bubble bath

Super cheap, a giggle and sexy. Add a bottle of cheap fizz, get the candles out and you're good to go.

Water fight

Fill water balloons or grab the kids' super soakers and battle it out!

Get the bikes out and go for a ride

Is that bike you bought last summer gathering dust in the shed? Going on a bike ride is one of the best cheap date night ideas. Don't plan a route, just go out and see where the road takes you. As the old saying goes, it's not the destination but the glory of the ride.

Just have sex

Because if you have kids, simply setting aside a day for date night is hard enough never mind actually doing something before you do it!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 27th July 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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