5 Action-Packed Hen Weekends

The Ghostbusters reboot has landed! In honour of the all-female crew, we take a look at five of the best action-packed hen weekends. Go on, be a badass!

Go flyboarding in Barcelona

We've all seen Iron Man. Flyboarding is about as close as a girl can get to hovering over water like Robert Downey Jr does in the red and gold suit. Wearing a water jet pack, you will fly above the Mediterranean Ocean for around 15 minutes. You'll be taken out to sea on a motor boat, wearing a pair of jet boots attached to a flyboard that's connected to the boat by a long hose. Water travels down the hose and gives the board the thrust it needs to propel you up in the air.

This is the kind of thing that makes you go "HELL YEAH!!" and then do a little victory dance afterwards. You can only do flyboarding in a select few destinations. Barcelona is one of them. Fantastic for action packed hen weekends, Barcelona is big on bucket list experiences and water sports. Sunbathing with Mojitos on Barcelona beach is a big must but if you want action, flyboarding will give you more than you bargained for!

Grab an assault rifle and shoot zombies in Bristol

Click, click, boom! If your bestie likes Deadpool better than The Devil Wears Prada, you need to be looking at action-packed hen weekends that involve shooting. Here's the good news: there are loads of ideas out there. You can do really crazy stuff like machine gun shooting in Eastern Europe but if you want a top UK hen do destination, assault rifle shooting in Bristol is a good choice. Add a little lock 'n load-style action to the mix and you've got one seriously badass hen. If learning how to shoot zombie dummies and targets that explode on impact sounds like your best mate's idea of awesome, she'll love this.

Head to Cornwall for a cliff adventure

You could do the whole surfing thing of course but if getting washing machined by waves isn't your idea of a good time, take to the cliffs instead. There's more to Newquay than Fistral beach and surf comps. You'll definitely need a head for heights for a cliff adventure but the rush is amazing. Imagine treading a tightwire stretched between two cliffs, 150ft over one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Newquay! Then abseiling down one of the cliff faces onto the beach and having a lovely BBQ with cocktail jugs, followed by a little beach volleyball if you're up for it.

Discover the Algarve on quad bikes

If you need ideas for action-packed hen weekends and want some sun, get over to Albufeira. Located in southernmost Portugal, the Algarve coast is famous for its gorgeous golden sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, whitewashed houses, castles, beautiful countryside, golf courses, and also lively resorts full of beach bars and beach clubs, discos, pubs and nightclubs. If you're into sun, sea, sand, activities, and want to party all night, you'll have an amazing time over here. Do the beaches and bars but if you want to go off on an adventure and discover the really good stuff, go quad biking inland and hit dusty trails that go up hills, wind through woodland, and lead to villages, rivers, streams, orange groves and carob trees. Quad biking is always brilliant fun but when you add the incredible Algarve scenery to the mix it's truly awesome.

Drive Rage buggies in the Nottinghamshire countryside

Get behind the wheel of a Rage buggy and give it some! If the hen loves Formula 1 and has a competitive streak, she'll get a big kick out of driving one. They're basically off road karts but with more power under the hood, and they corner really well, which is good news as the track has sharp muddy corners and plenty of bumps to put you through your paces. Driving your car will seem pretty boring after you've been in a Rage buggy. The track is about 25 minutes from Nottingham, just off the M1. The guys who run it are great. Each person in your group gets to drive round the track. Compete in time trials and see who gets the fastest lap time. You'll want to do it all over again afterwards. When it comes to ideas for action-packed hen weekends in the UK, driving fast and furious buggies designed for rallying is right up there!

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Date Posted: Friday 15th July 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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