5 Fun Christmas Hen Party Activities

Are you having a Christmas hen party? It may be dark & cold outside, but nothing beats the festive feeling. If you are planning a Christmas hen party for next year we have put together five fun activities that will keep the bride tribe entertained over the weekend. A festive hen weekend also means that glitter, fancy dress and all the best food like mince pies & pigs in blankets are acceptable. You can’t go wrong at Christmas time. 

1. Pantomime – Get the girls together for an afternoon or evening at a pantomime show. Take the bride to be to her favourite show. This is a perfect activity to do together and have a great time. A pantomime is also suitable for everyone from your best friend to your aunt and nan. 

2. Ice Skating – This can be a great way to get the girls all giggling and making memories. Ice skating at Christmas time is perfect, with the smell of hot chocolate, festive music and the smell of festive food in the air this activity is a win for a festive hen weekend. 

3. Christmas Markets – What better way to send the bride off into winter wonderland marital bliss than getting everyone into the spirit at a beautiful Christmas market. There are so many all across the UK to explore and even some of the best abroad. Plan a festive evening around the Christmas market, dress up drink mulled wine and give the bride to be the send off she will remember.

4. Secret Santa – Although it is a hen weekend a round of secret Santa will be so much fun. Set a theme, maybe it’s something for the hen weekend you can all use / do, that way the presents will be for the hen party. Another way to play secret Santa is for everyone to buy the bride a festive gift and she has to guess who they are from.

5. Festive Workshop – A festive workshop could be anything from making wreaths, baking festive goods or even making Christmassy flower crowns. This way you will be able to take something away from the hen party as a memory and maybe use / wear during the Christmas season.

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Date Posted: Friday 20th December 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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