7 must-try hen party giveaways for your bride tribe

Once you have been through the stress of finding the right venue, right dress, right catering and other important vendors and even the perfect groom for you, it's time to have some fun. Before you tie the knot, the occasion surely calls for a last single-lady night out with your girls. To make your girls the most priced and loved bridesmaids, here is a list of 6 amazing hen party bag filler ideas which your bridesmaids will surely drool over!

1.Team bride headbands
To bring in the best party favours of the night, team bride headbands are the way to go. Get them customised by different names such as bridesmaids, the bride and the maid of the honour. Use bright and vibrant colours for your bands and give them out at the start of the party for the best pictures!

2. Party pins for all bridesmaids
Since you have all the lovely bridesmaids in your gang, give them fantastic name pins describing their fun side. A few names which must make it to the top of your list are drunk badass, wild baby, dancing queen, hot mess, bad influence and more. Once you give them out, your girls will love them.

3. Makeup kits for that terrific glow
Amidst all the wedding preparations, your girls might also have not got the time to fill in their makeup kits for your wedding ceremonies and look their best. Help them out by customising a beautiful makeup kit with all the essentials. Make it travel-friendly for their convenience. A small tip here would be to choose the foundation shade carefully for all girls depending on their skin tones and types.

4. Custom tops
Vest tops or tshirts are every girl’s bae so to make any other outing fun after the hen party, gift them cute tops with hilarious captions on. A few of the best quotes for your gang could be team bride, bride tribe, champagne campaign or you can even get some cool pictures or images printed on them to get your gift game up.

5. Matching flip-flops
If you and your bridesmaids are fans of comfortable footwear, then why not opt for a summer flip-flop cool collection. Get customised flip-flops with prints like a bridal party, cool gang, hot girls and more, and if it's a day hen party, then flip-flops are surely the perfect choice.

6. Bride tribe button pins
A gift to be used on any day of the hen and other wedding events as well, bride tribe button pins are surely the best hen party bag filler idea. They show your unity and look super cute with every outfit.

7. Personalised jewellery pieces
Who doesn't love a beautiful personalised piece of jewellery, especially gifted by the bride? Get a pendant personalised with their initials or anything which binds you together as a group. Believe it or not, this will be the most treasured gift for your bridesmaids.

Excited to try a few of the ideas mentioned above? Well, it’s time to get started then, and we hope that you get the best gifts for your darlings!

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Date Posted: Tuesday 12th June 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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