A Hen Do Like The Celebs Do

Were you incredibly inspired by Kim Kardashian’s Paris hen do and wish to throw a similar one for your bride-to-be best friend? Do not worry because nowadays you can totally get the treatment of being a celeb with these celeb hen party ideas and activities.

These activities range from letting you have the wildest fun to allowing you to have the perfect relaxing day!!

Get out! - Going to an exotic location that provides for some luxury as well, is perhaps the best idea to make your bride-to-be bestie, feel like an actual celeb. You can party it out in Ibiza or get yourself the best club experience in Barcelona. Such exclusive locations and bars will definitely make you feel special. You can also book some of the best elegant hotels that are surely going to offer you a bespoke stay, making you guys feel like a celeb.

Full Day-Spa Day! - If you want to be pampered just like the celebs, then here is an amazing idea that will give you more than it promises! Book the best spa, for your hen party, for a whole day!! Yes, celebs all over the world look for exclusivity and booking yourself a full day spa will surely give you that! Get the perfect massage for the bride who will finally be able to ditch the tension of wedding planning that has been onto her for months!!

A Ride of Luxury - If you are going abroad for your hen party then you must think of giving it a celebrity start. Booking a limo for your airport transfer is probably one of the most popular ways to arrive in style. This will ensure that your wild hen party will begin from the moment you leave your home and step into that sleek, shiny and stretched limo, that is sure to make the bride feel like a celeb.

Private Dining Hen Party - A private affair is something that is the first choice of most of the celebs, and this is something you can easily do. Book a private dining experience at one of the many places that offer you the same. The perks here are that no matter how loud you laugh, or how wild your hens go...there is no one to stop you guys. You can get a one-on-one food service that will be exclusive to your hen party!!

Paparazzi Experience - You know that you are a celeb when you have a bunch of paparazzi’s following you, clicking your pictures as you go around. If you wish to experience that, we can make it happen for you!! A perfect way to surprise your bride and make her feel like a celeb, the paparazzi experience will end up with amazing pictures of your hen party. Smile, please!!

So if you have a bright smile on your face after reading these ideas and want them for your party then give us a call, and we will take care of the rest!!

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Date Posted: Thursday 5th April 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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