Advice For The Best Man

Here at Hen Weekends, we understand the need for us ladies to clear up the mess made by the male counterparts in our life, and a wedding is no exception. 

It’s in our DNA that we can multi-task (and men can’t), so inevitably we take control of all aspects of a wedding plan – even the bloke’s jobs! 

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the best man’s speech. It’s fair to say, it can make or break a wedding reception. No bride wants to be left red faced at the top table, which is why we want to give you some best man’s advice to pass on to the man in question. 

The Ring

Before the speech, the best man plays a crucial role at the ceremony as the ring bearer. As a bride, you need to be able to concentrate on walking down the aisle gracefully, not worrying about the whereabouts of the rings. 

The best man will be suited and booted, and that said suit will have pockets, so make it clear to him that the boxed ring needs to stay in there until it’s time to hand over. The last thing you want is to be stood at the altar, whilst the rings are searched for. 

Stay Sober

This is easier said than done, but you need the best man to try and stay as sober as possible. 

That means they need to take it easy at the pre-wedding nerves drinks that usually happen with the groom and his groomsmen. Or, at least sober up during the ceremony! 

The temptation for the best man is to get smashed at the reception. They’ve just passed over the rings and feel the need to have a few pre-speech drinks for some Dutch courage. The worry here is that they get too pissed and mess up the speech before it’s even started! 

Ace Speech

So, all being well, the best man will be ready to round off the speeches after the father of the bride and groom. 

Nailing a best man’s speech is no easy feat, many before have failed at doing so. But you don’t care about what’s gone before, this is your wedding so you want the best man to get it right!

It might be worth speaking to the best man in the weeks before the wedding to tell them any no-go areas during the speech. You don’t want the best man to dumb it down completely, after all it’s the funny stories that make a top speech; but do you really want all your family to hear about the time the best man walked in on you and the groom doing the business?  

Be Happy

One thing that can ruin anyone’s big day is an argument. The last thing you need at your wedding is a family fall-out, we’ve seen it all before. Someone has too much to drink and thinks this is the time and place to say their piece – it’s not! 

It is the responsibility of the best man to maintain harmony at a wedding, as much as he can. If he needs to play peace maker, then so be it. It might be an idea to pre-warn him on who to keep well apart at the reception. 

If you're looking for further advice, then check out The Best Man Speech for all there is know about being a best man! 

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Date Posted: Tuesday 11th April 2017

Author: Jenna Halford

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