Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

If you've always harboured secret fantasies of gliding down the aisle like a Hollywood starlet rocking the red carpet, ball gown wedding dresses are the way to go. There are all sorts of different styles to choose from: traditional, modern, princess, bling, strapless, tulle and illusion back to name but a few.

Here are a few of my faves.

Modern Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Justin Alexander is famous for his super elegant ball gown wedding dresses, which are retro with a modern twist. Think sweetheart necklines, tiered skirts, drop waists, funky belts, beads, crystals, pearls, 3D flowers and laser cut flowers. They're big but not THAT big. The tea gowns are also well worth checking out if you want the Grace Kelly look.

If you want traditional with a modern twist, you might also want to check out Aussie designer Sophia Tolli, and Cymbeline.

Princess Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

This is your full-on fairytale wedding dress with the wow factor! The term 'princess' covers quite a few different styles and all it means is that you want to look like, well, a princess! Pronovias are good at traditional and Hollywood Dreams don't do things by halves!


You'll need excellent underwear to rock a strapless ball gown wedding dress. Luckily, department stores tend to stock lots of bridal underwear in all sorts of sizes...and there's always good old M&S of course! Try and choose a dress that has support in its corset. If you're confident enough to do a strapless dress, go for it as they're super flattering and sexy. If you want to flash a bit of shoulder but not go the whole nine yards, check out lacy capped sleeves and spaghetti straps.


If you want to go BIG, then tulle ball gown wedding dresses will help you achieve the look. This is your Disney princess dress! Do, however, remember that you might need to practice walking in it before the big day. It's very easy to trip when wearing tulle, especially if you're wearing heels. 'Splat!' is not a sound you want to hear on your wedding day.


Ball gown wedding dresses with bling are super hot right now. You can bling it up without looking like something off My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. A bit of bling is a beautiful thing! These do tend to be kinda expensive due to the amount of work that goes into them, but there are always heaps of good deals on dresses at the National Wedding Show.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 5th August 2014

Author: Cathy Alexander