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The hen party is where the bride can finally let her hair down after the several months of hardcore planning for the wedding. It’s time to wave goodbye to your single years with your best friends, so it is very important you plan ahead so that the whole weekend is smooth sailing. We are seeing the rise in people organising their hen parties with just a few months until the date. This is the day and age we are in, but there are so many reasons to make sure you book in advance and early to make sure you get what you want on the big hen weekend. Below are some reasons why you should book your hen weekend early:

Save the date:

All of the girls will have busy schedules so to make sure the girls you want there have the date free is important. Give them as much notice as possible. This will help to avoid any late dropouts so that your numbers are as accurate as possible. 

Cheaper Transport:

If you know that you need transport for your hen weekend, then booking this early usually means it will be cheaper. This may be transport to the airport or even transport around the city to get you from place to place. Even booking flights early is a massive bonus, as there is usually a big group you will make sure that you get seats together on the plane. This way the party will start as soon as you arrive!

Best Accommodation:

The accommodation for the hen party might be a hotel, villa or maybe even a cottage, whatever you deicide be sure to book this early to make sure you get first pick of the finest accommodation. Hotels and apartments get snapped up quickly for the summer so book in advance to avoid missing out.

Hen Party Kitty:

If you give the girls plenty of notice this means that they will be able to save up more money towards the hen party kitty. If you leave it until last minute you may not end up doing the activities that you want to do. It’s a special weekend so it makes sense ladies. Booking ahead also means that you get the chance of paying in instalments on our online payment system, spreading the cost over several months. 

Activities & Packages:

Our hen party activities are so popular, and we recommend getting in early to make sure you get on the activity you want and at the right time. Activities like It’s a Knockout, Totally Wiped Out and Total Knockout are all extremely popular and people book these a year in advance. Make sure you plan ahead with what activities you want on the hen weekend and create your very own weekend on our build your own section on the website. 


If you’re planning on travelling abroad then booking flights early is the best way, this will be easier for you and the girls to make sure you can all get on the same flight, get good seats and find much cheaper deals online. January is a great time to book flights as most airlines have a sale on.  

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Date Posted: Friday 24th January 2020

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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