Boozy Dessert Ideas

A hen party isn't complete without food, and why not make it extra boozy. You are celebrating after all. There are many ideas when it comes to party food, we have listed below the items you can make extra special with some boozy ingredients:

Jelly Shots:
Sweet and tasty. Jelly is a quick and easy dessert to make. When making your jelly add some of the bride's favourite spirits and surprise her with jelly shots to start pre drinks. You can literally add any spirit into jelly, a great idea for hen parties. Even better you can make champagne jelly pots... cheers to that ladies!


Ice Lollies
These are great especially if your hen party is in the summer. Everyone wants an ice lolly in the summer, and if it has gin, rum or any spirit added they will be everyone's favourite. Ice lollies are another very easy and quick party food to incorporate into your hen party. Keep everyone cool in the heat and ready for the big night out on the town.


Every girl loves cake. It's a fact. So it would be rude not to have cake at the hen party, but whilst having your cake you could add in some alcohol to make these boozy cupcakes which the girls will love.


Alcohol infused cheesecakes
Cheesecakes are very simple but extremely popular. They are even more popular when you add a drop of alcohol of your choice. Tequila, Gin and Baileys to name a few.


Vodka Gummy Bears
Surprise the girls with these boozy gummy bears, sweets that are for grownups. A twist on your usual Haribo, the girls will be coming back for more of these so make sure you make a big batch.


Boozy Brownies
Brownies are a way to a girl's heart. Brownies with booze in them are a quicker way to a girl's heart. You can't go wrong with brownies either way. Make them extra chocolatey and extra boozy for the hen party. They will be even more irresistible than normal.


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Date Posted: Friday 4th October 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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