Bridesman and Groomgirls

So many of us have male and female friends all in the same social group, why should we rule out males from our bride tribe? Or vice versa. We should never feel as though we can’t include them in the big day. The wedding day should be when you surround yourself with loved ones, after all you make the rules! So, if your best friend is a male, who cares!?

Break away from the tradition of only females in the bride tribe and only males with the groom. So many traditions are being seen as things of the past for example, wearing trousers on your big day, jumpsuits and even questions over colour and style of the wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses.   

Think about the positives having your bridal party mixed can reduce stress levels, as males may not be so up tight and precious about what they are wearing or what they will look like. Grooms on the other hand, good luck!  

If you’re planning on having bridesman or groomgirls make sure you remember these things:

Make sure you create time for your mixed gender wedding party to bond and socialise.

Treat everyone in your wedding party equally – including the hen party

Ensure that your wedding attire is coordinated

Be prepared for hair and makeup on your wedding day for different gender

Choose gender neutral gifts  

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Date Posted: Friday 15th February 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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