Can I have a Hen Party after the Wedding?

Traditionally Hen Weekends, Parties, nights, and dos were all done before the wedding to celebrate the bride’s final nights of freedom, but traditions have changed so much. For example, Hen Nights are no longer done the night before the wedding, as you need way longer to recover and those wedding pictures would not look as good. It is also no longer just a night most of the time, as us ladies need to spend some real quality time together, so we need at least 2-4 nights to make the most of our hen party.  

Along with wedding traditions changing so have lifestyles, travel abroad is so much easier and cheaper now and women have much more equal rights and income, enabling us to do so much more.  Therefore, making Hen Weekends much more on par with Stag Weekends. 

With Hen Weekends evolving all the time and becoming an amazing weekend away for all the ladies to enjoy and have some time and fun for themselves with their fave ladies. These hen parties are so loved and looked forward to by every member of the bride tribe. Now as soon as you tell people you are getting married; they will ask where’s the hen party going to be and when so I can get it booked in.

But what are these events really about, they are about celebrating friendships, they are about saying thanks to your friends for always standing by you and being there. They are about celebrating life moments and next steps. They are about having fun together and making memories.

So why can’t they be after the wedding? Well the answer is they can! There is no reason at all that you can’t have your hen do after the wedding. Yes, traditionally you would have it before but at this time nothing is happening as it did before, so you can change this and find lots of ways to make it positive. No matter what you still have to have a hen party, that is something that you can’t miss out on, and just because you are already married doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I mean we would hope nothing would happen on your hen night to stop you getting married, so why would it be different happening after your wedding? 

It also means it may take away some of those wedding blues, as doing so much and having so much to plan and get excited about before the wedding, can mean afterwards you are left with a big hole and nothing to look forward too.

Having your hen party after the wedding will then mean you still have things to plan and get excited about, and gives you a chance to reminisce about the wedding with all your fave ladies, what could be better.

Also, you no longer have a wedding dress to fit into so you can really let go and treat yourself, the hen after the wedding is sounding better by the minute. Your hen is all about creating memories with your friends, so as long as it happens does it really matter if it’s before or after? 

So, ladies please do not worry if time is getting tight to fit in a hen weekend and a wedding, be a trend setter and have your hen party after the wedding, if that works better for you.  

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Date Posted: Friday 26th June 2020

Author: Jenna Halford

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