Eight Hottest DILFs

Nothing says 'hen party' like checking out some smokin' hot DILFs!

This week, David Beckham turned 42-years-old and if anything, he’s getting better with age! This makes him a DILF. We don’t need to spell that out for you, but it got us thinking about other DILFs.

Here, at Hen Weekends we spend an awful lot of time ogling over fit men, so we thought we’d share with you our favourite eight DILFs. You’re welcome! 


As we have already mentioned Becks, it seems only right to kick-off our list with him. The former England footballer, has been in the public eye since he was a teenager and we are not complaining! 

With Beckham’s career in football, as well as modelling, we have been lucky to see him in the flesh plenty of times over the years. If guys with tattoos and muscular physiques are your thing, there are few out there better than this man. 


Best known for his role as Marvel Comics superhero Thor, Hemsworth has been on our screens for over a decade now. Not only is he pleasing on the eye, he always comes across as funny in his interviews.

Hemsworth has three children with Spanish actress Elsa Patky, which is why he qualifies as a DILF amongst many other reasons. The Aussie actor is known for is superhero-like body, he’d certainly be worth going down under for!  


Reynolds shot to fame after his three-year involvement in Two Guys and a Girl playing the role of Berg. Probably now best known for his leading role in Deadpool where he received a Golden Globe nomination.

But enough about his film career, let’s discuss why he’s such a DILF! Reynolds has one of the most chiselled jaws around and he is just all-round gorgeous! As well as being hilarious on Twitter!


Phwoar, Tom Hardy has to be one of our favourites on this list. The British actor has long been wooing us ladies with his on-screen appearances since the turn of the century.

Hardy emphasises the fact that men blossom as they get older. He rocks the facial hair well, and if you are into your ‘rough and ready’ look, he certainly fits the bill. He’s even added some muscle to his body recently – could he be any more perfect? 


To play the raunchy role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades a sexy actor is a must and that’s exactly what Jamie Dornan is. The Northern Irishman ticks all the necessary boxes!

Dornan has got all the looks and a body that you’d just love to touch. Great news ahead for 2018 is that Dornan features in a new Fifty Shades film as well as Robin Hood. Safe to say we will be visiting the cinema a few times, next year! 


If you like your men to be buff, then you can’t look beyond Idris Elba. Even at the age of 44, Elba still rocks a Greek God-like body that we could happily stare at for hours.

Best known for his acting career, featuring in the likes of The Wire and Luther, Elba is in fact a man of many talents. If you’re heading to any festivals this summer, you may see him playing a set! He is rumoured to be the next James Bond as well, we approve! 


We all love a man who knows how to dance don’t we? Channing Tatum is that man, as proven in his star role in the likes of Step Up and Magic Mike.

Having moves on the dancefloor usually means you can rely on a great body and Tatum most certainly has that. Just look at his abs! 


The man of the moment is without doubt Anthony Joshua. After his heavyweight fight with Wladimir Klitschko at the weekend, Joshua is big news and we want it to continue.

As you would expect for a man of his profession, Joshua’s body is perfect. And being a boxer, he is sure to be good with his hands… 

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Date Posted: Thursday 4th May 2017

Author: Jenna Halford

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