Elegant to Extravagant – Is the traditional wedding dress being taken over

Every bride spends a lot of time and money in selecting and buying a beautiful wedding dress for her perfect day. But have you ever wondered why a wedding dress is traditionally white? This tradition started with Queen Victoria who wore a white silk-satin and lace gown when she married Prince Albert in 1840. This dress shocked traditionalists as at that time white was considered a colour of grief and a red gown was usually worn by royals for their weddings. However, Queen Victoria’s white wedding dress struck a chord among women and this colour has become the favoured choice for a wedding dress all over the world.  

Now that we know the fascinating facts behind the tradition of wedding dresses, let’s look at the most extravagant wedding dresses that have been designed for those brides trying to break tradition again, against some dresses that are picture perfect! 


Peacock Feathers

At a first glance this looks beautiful and colourful, but we must ask the question of – why? This dress was created through using peacock feathers, 18k gold and is embellished with diamonds. It is up there with some of the most expensive dresses!

Balloon Dress

Let’s hope this dress doesn’t burst at the alter (the wedding will be starting with a bang!). Any bride to wear a balloon wedding dress is extremely brave. Some people just push the limits don’t they! This dress brings the traditional white wedding dress to a complete new level!  

Champagne Dress

Who ever thought of this idea is a genius! Unlimited glasses of champers or prosecco on your wedding day, maybe this dress would be better for the reception rather than before you have said the all-important vowels (probably should be sober for that part). 

Cupcake Dress

If you’re a bride with a sweet tooth, this dress could sort out those wedding day nerves! Just stuff your face with cupcakes before the big question! 

Extreme Roses

Every girl loves a good rose from time to time, but this wedding dress is taking love for roses that step further! Although this dress does look beautiful, we think it has moved over the line from a traditional wedding dress and made it into the extravagant group! Imagine if this dress was white, would this make it a little less extreme? 


Below are some elegant traditional wedding dresses for some inspiration for your big day, these dresses are stunning. Complete with gorgeous hair and perfect make-up you are guaranteed to feel like a million dollars wearing such an elegant dress. On your wedding day make sure you remember it’s your turn to feel like the celebrity, embrace everyone commenting how stunning you look and how amazing your dress is. 

What is your wedding dress like? We would love to see pictures of it! 

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Date Posted: Tuesday 17th July 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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