Father of The Bride Wedding Speeches

Writing And Delivering a Perfect Father Of The Bride Speech

Being the father of the bride is a lot of work. Especially, if you are organising the wedding ceremony. Among the many responsibilities of the father of the bride, one of the most important ones is to give a speech.

The father of the bride is the first person to deliver their speech. Whether you are someone that is doing it for the first time, or have successfully given a speech before, more ideas are always helpful. If you are thinking about what you should include in the speech, this guide will surely come in handy.

Begin by thanking the guests

As the host of the event, and the father of the bride, it is your duty to thank everyone that made the wedding possible. Also take this moment to thank the guests for gracing the wedding with their presence.

Talk about childhood memories

Childhood memories are extremely powerful when it comes to the father of the bride speech. Using them, you can strike an emotional chord, or break the ice by mentioning a funny childhood tantrum.

Include a lot of emotions

Just like a good film, a good speech takes the audience through a range of experiences. Include a healthy combination of funny and emotional moments to deliver a truly memorable speech.

Talk about your son-in-law

This is indispensable. After all, the man is marrying your daughter. Talk about your first meeting with your son-in-law. About how you decided that he was worthy of your daughter.
Also take this moment to thank the best man for carrying out his best man duties.


At the end, follow tradition and make a toast to the bride and groom. Hand the mic over to the next speaker, and proceed to enjoy the party!

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Date Posted: Thursday 14th June 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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