Friday Fun Perfume Making

Our team took part in perfume making for some Friday fun, and they haven’t stopped talking about it since! They said it was fantastic and so exciting to be able to create a perfume yourself that smells great! If you’re looking for an activity to do on your hen weekend that gets all the girls involved and doesn’t necessarily involve shots and drinks, then perfume making is a fantastic choice. Everyone will become a perfumer and create several compositions of notes. 

First the team were given an introduction to perfumery and what’s involved in making the best one for them. To make a perfume you have to build it from a variety of ‘notes’ these are the scents in which make up the different aspects of each perfume. There are base, middle and top notes to choose from. You can have as many of these notes as you like to make your perfume. The base and middle notes are the scents that tend to last longer and the ones you can smell a couple hours after spraying the perfume. The top note is the one you instantly smell as soon as you spray, this one is the quickest scent to fade. 

The best part about this activity is that you get to walk away having made your very own perfume, give it a name and be proud. If you like it that much there is an online account where you quote the name of your perfume and you can order more. A great idea for presents for family and friends, or if you are running low you can ask for it as your present. The girls all get a 5ml bottle of their bespoke perfume and the bride to be gets a fabulous 20ml bottle. You will all be smelling wonderful for the big night out on the town. 

Here is a few of what the UK team made including the notes they used and the unique names: 

Lucy – UK Revenue and Admin Manager

Base: Amber & Gourmand 

Middle: Gentle Floral 

Top: Citrus

Name: LPA

Amy – Administration Assistant

Base: Woody & Gourmand

Middle: Ozonic

Top: Citrus, Green & Fruity

Name: ALR

Natalie –  UK Stag & Hen Events Co-Ordinator 

Base: Balsamic & Gourmand

Middle: Exotic Floral 

Top: Fruity Top 

Name: Natty’s Blend

Anthony – UK Accounts Administrator 

Base: Woody & Amber

Middle: Tonic Sport & Ozonic

Top: Transparent 

Name: 33

Sophie - UK Stag & Hen Events Co-Ordinator

Base: Musky & Gourmand

Middle: Floral

Top: Fruity

Name: Forever Fresh Floral 

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Date Posted: Friday 11th October 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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