Getting Into The Festive Spirit

It’s so nearly Christmas, are you ready? 

Do you have the nails done & the makeup at the ready? 

Go all out this Christmas! Check out these festive ideas for your Christmas look this year. 

Surprise the family with some festive fun makeup but be prepared for them to want in on the look. With so many crazes going around we think that festive eyebrows and make-up are the ones to look out for this year. You really can get creative with your look, try a variety of colours and test how arty you really are.    

Looking to get your nails done this year, here are some ideas for your festive nails:

If you are looking for some unique makeup ideas for Christmas day we have your back. Test your creativity and see if you can draw a festive scene on your cheeks or even eyebrows.

Have you seen festive eyebrows this year? Will this be the next craze? Will you give it a go, if you do we want to see! Check these out: 
Image sourced from unilad.
Image sourced from unilad. 
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Date Posted: Friday 6th December 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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