Halloween Outfit Ideas 2018

If your going to a Halloween party or even a hen party on the weekend of Halloween, then why not suggest adding a fancy-dress element to the celebrations. We have given you some ideas below for some scary, sexy and even funny couple outfits (so you can rock up to the party looking the part together). You can add finishing touches to these outfits with various accessories and face paint. Find out who really loves a fancy dress theme and turns up with the full works.  

Scary Halloween Outfits: 

Have a scary theme behind your outfits this Halloween: full costume, body paint and blood where needed! You will be unrecognisable in these scary outfits, a true show of commitment to your Halloween fancy dress. 

Scary Retro Pin Up Girl

Scary Woman and Baby

Zombie in Graveyard

Sexy Halloween Outfits: 

Take some of the original and most known Halloween outfits and add a bit of spice to them. These outfits will make you feel part of the Halloween scene so, round up your girls and be the best dressed at the clubs! 




Couple Halloween Outfits:

If you and your partner are off to a Halloween party together then finding a costume can be tricky, but these outfits are fun and creative! Not only will you look the part, it’s a great way to bond and get silly with your partner or maybe husband-to-be. 

Bloody Golfers

Scary Clowns

Dead Bride & Groom


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Date Posted: Tuesday 16th October 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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