Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat It

The saying goes “you can’t have your cake and eat it” but on your wedding day you can choose the cake of your dreams and most definitely eat it! The wedding cake is sometimes as important as deciding on your shoes, make-up and even your hair style. Whether you have a theme to your wedding or you’re a chocoholic we have some inspiration below for your big day cake. 


Has there been some heated conversations about the wedding cake between you and your husband to be? Does he want super heroes or his favourite car themed wedding cake? Well this cake below is the perfect combination to suit you both, one side his one side yours. 

For all the chocoholics….

Steer away from the traditional fruity wedding cake and have a full chocolate designed cake. Everyone will be happy with a chocolate choice, and if it’s your favourite then that’s all that matters. These cakes below have all been hand crafted beautifully, using your favourite chocolate and filling. 

Our favourites…

These cakes are the more traditional looking with a modern twist and are our favourites! Very elegant looking, especially the flowers which are made out of icing. Delicacy might be your ideal wedding cake, look below for some inspiration into these gorgeous layers of beauty. 

A little more extravagant…

We have obviously included these huge cakes into our selection, some of these cakes take over a month to create fully. Would you still want to eat or cut into these cakes knowing how long they have taken to make and obviously knowing how many pennies they cost!! They have certainly taken our breathe away…

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Date Posted: Wednesday 8th August 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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