He Proposed! What To Do Next...

Are you the lucky lady who said yes to the ring over the 2018 festive season? Did he pop the question with a fancy engagement ring and now your wondering what next? 

Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, follow our steps of what to do next now that you’re preparing for one of the best days of your life. You can do these in any order that suits you and your partner.

Share the news with your family and besties first: Make sure you share the news with the closest people to you before uploading the news onto social media for everyone to see. It’s not OK for old school friends to know before your Nan and Grandad for example. 

Get your engagement ring insured: If he’s saved up for all these months the least you could do is make sure it is covered under insurance, in case of emergencies. Trust us it has happened where engagement rings have been lost in the bin, down the sink, slipped off the finger and even shed a diamond or two. You’ll be so glad that you were smart enough to insure it.   

Get a manicure: Everyone will be looking at your hand for the next several weeks, make sure it looks its best with a fresh set of nails. Time to start showing off the rock he has given to you.

Enjoy the moment: You have just said yes to marrying the man of your dreams and being committed to them for the rest of your life, take time to savour how romantic that is before you delve into planning the logistics of the big day.

Start imagining: You and your husband to be will speak about the wedding on various occasions. You will find yourself sitting on the sofa dreaming about the big day, what you both want, whose invited, where and most importantly when. Set up a joint area on Pinterest or create a mood board at home of colours and themes that you can both add to.

Get out the calendar: Looking at the different months will help determine the time of year you would like to get married. Winter, summer or abroad, so many decisions to make. 

Discuss the wedding budget: Discussing the budget is important as this helps to establish the number of guests you can have attend, where the venue will be, different catering options and of course how much you can spend on the dress. 

Find a wedding venue: Choosing your desired venue will have an impact on colour themes, room decoration and can influence the style of the dress so deciding on the venue early is always a good start. 

Stay organised: This isn’t a throw together event, this day takes amazing organisation and great planning. Create a timeline of the wedding to dos and stick to it. There are plenty of wedding planning stationery books you can buy or create your own. This way you make sure nothing is forgotten. 

Choose the bridesmaids: Maybe the biggest decision besides the dress, who will be by your side on the day. It could be friends or family but make your decision for the right reasons rather than you think they would expect it, so you need to. You will only regret this decision further down the line.

Telling the bridesmaids: If they’re all friends you could tell them together, or if need be, tell them separately it’s important they keep quiet until you announce the other bridesmaids.

PLAN THE HEN PARTY: Well probably not you (the bride) but still this needs to be on top priority once the maid of honour has been announced. You can have some influence into what you want to do but if your bride tribe know you well enough, they will give you the best hen celebration that they know you’ll love.

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Date Posted: Thursday 3rd January 2019

Author: Jenna Halford

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