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Hen Party Games That Will Have Everyone Laughing All Night

Hey ladies! So you’ve sorted the destination, picked out some fab outfits, and planned a bunch of fun activities for the hen do. But have you thought about the games? No hen night is really complete without some games to keep everyone laughing. Whether lounging by the pool, hitting the town, or having some fun whilst getting ready here's a few game ideas that’ll spice things up. Ready to make this hen party one for the books? Let’s get into it!

Bridal Pictionary:
Put your drawing skills to the test with Bridal Pictionary! Break into teams and sketch wedding-themed items for the rest of the group to guess. Whether it's wedding dresses, cakes, or honeymoon destinations, the fun never stops!

Mr. & Mrs. Quiz:
How well does the bride-to-be really know her partner? Find out with a Mr. & Mrs. Quiz! Before the hen weekend, ask the groom a series of questions about himself, their relationship, and the bride. Then, during the party, ask the bride the same questions and see how many answers they match. Prepare for plenty of surprises and laughter as the bride tries to guess her partner's answers!

Kiss the Groom:
Spice up the evening by playing a game of "Kiss the Groom." Blindfold the bride to be. Have her guess the kisser based on cheek kisses. Each guest takes a turn planting a peck leading to lots of laughs as the bride tries to figure out who's who. This playful game is always a hit bringing giggles and blushes to everyone.

Prosecco Pong:
Add some sparkle to a classic by trying out Prosecco Pong! Arrange cups, in a triangle. Take turns tossing ping pong balls into them. Make a shot and the opposing team must take a sip. It's a bubbly and entertaining way to kick off the party!

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress:
Get creative with the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress activity. Teams are given rolls of toilet paper to craft bridal gowns. With a timer ticking away teams rush to design and showcase their creations all judged by the bride to be.

Truth or Dare:
No hen party is complete without Truth or Dare! Spin the bottle, draw names from a hat, or use an app like Spin The Wheel to determine who's up for revealing truths or taking on challenges. It never fails to stir things up and get everyone laughing. Who's, up, for sharing some titbits?

Hen Party Scavenger Hunt:
Turn the city into your game board for your hen weekend. Just make a list of fun challenges, team up with the girls, and see who can tick off the most. Whether it's snapping goofy photos or serenading strangers, it's all about having a laugh and making some great memories.

Balloon Pop Challenge:
Get ready for a blast with the Balloon Pop Challenge! Before the party kicks off, stuff balloons with a mix of dares and challenges. Then, let your guests pop them one by one to see what fun or funny task they've got to tackle. From dancing up a storm to belting out a solo, this game is a surefire way to keep the party vibes high!

Pin the Bouquet:
Add a twist to an old favourite with Pin the Bouquet. Blindfold the bride and let her attempt to place a bouquet on a poster of her ideal wedding scene. It's a charming and humorous game that’s perfect for some light-hearted fun.

Hen Party Bingo:
Ramp up the competition with Hen Party Bingo. Create cards featuring typical hen do moments and as the night progresses, guests can check off events as they unfold. First to complete a line wins a prize!

And there you have it—ten uproarious hen party games guaranteed to keep everyone laughing through the night. Whether you're by the pool or out on the town, these games add the final personalised touch to the unforgettable hen do we help you craft. At Hen Weekends, we handle the big details—venue, accommodation, and activities—while you bring these playful games to give your celebration a unique flair. So, rally your squad, pop the bubbly, and gear up for a hen weekend filled with joy, laughter, and antics to remember!

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Date Posted: Thursday 25th April 2024

Author: Julian

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