Hen Weekends Top 10 Engagement Rings

It’s that time of the year ladies, the proposal may happen! Your partner may keep it until the very last present and surprise you with a ring! If you think he has been thinking about it maybe send him a link to this blog so that he can be influenced in the right way. Hints work girls! 

Here are the top 10 engagement rings:

All images are sourced from brides.com


This engagement ring is one of our favourites, with the mix of gold and diamonds this ring looks very elegant and ideal for a women who wear gold already. Not too many diamonds, this ring has just enough sparkle. 


Diamonds are a girls best friend. This ring is full of them! 

If you like a big diamond to show off, this is the style ring you need. This will stand out from the rest when you have this on your finger. Big and bold,. 


We love this style, the crossover into the diamond is beautiful! This ring is perfect if you're looking for a style that is different to the usual engagement ring. 


The more simple style, but still so gracious. Simple is sometimes the most eye-catching. 


Forget the usual diamond shape, go for something different. If you like something like this make sure you tell your partner as these can be hard to come by. 


Another similar to the previous ring, but this one with more diamonds. This is a true sparkler. We love the thin band, not too chunky and brings out the white diamond in the middle. 


If you rotate the diamond on this ring it could look like your usual diamond ring, but this has been carefully placed and the position is very unique. 


This white gold diamond engagement ring is stunning. The diamond in the middle is surrounded by other small diamonds, pure beauty! 


With diamonds all the way around the band this ring caught our eye, with a big white diamond in the middle this ring will brighten up your day if he proposes with this. 

So ladies, if he needs a little helping hand send him a link to this blog and make sure you tell him which ones are your fav!  

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Date Posted: Thursday 12th December 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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