How To Keep The Romance Alive

Being in a long term relationship can sometimes be what every girl wishes for but unless you keep the romance alive relationships can be tricky. The early days better known as the ‘honey moon stage’ of a new relationship are thrilling. Adorable romantic gestures, both giddy full of excitement unable to believe you may have found ‘the one’ and found someone who makes you feel so special and alive. Time travel 12 months and the situation is often rather different. The relationship has become much more comfortable, you’ve seen each other in your worst pyjamas, no make-up and you’ve learnt to deal with each other’s mood swings and put up with bad habits because you love each other. It is easy to forget why you fell in love with each other in the first place and what most attracted you to each other when you first met. Being comfortable in a relationship is a must but when we are so comfortable that we forget that the person we are with finds us sexually attractive, we should re think our outfit choice or surprise eachother more often in the bedroom. Life runs away with us all and we get tied up in work, social meetings and forget to create time to spend together. With all this said, spending time apart is healthy in a relationship too. There are plenty of ways to keep up the romance in your relationship and we have listed below some top tips to help: 

Break away from tradition: We are all submersed into our own rituals and habits, but it can also be good to break away from the usual routine and surprise your partner with something new. If for example, your partner does the food shopping take the initiative and order the food shop online and have it delivered, save them a job. Or if your partner always cleans, why don’t you surprise them and do it before them. You’ll be shocked at the romance that comes from taking over your partners chores.

Buy each other gifts: These gifts don’t need to be expensive they can be as small as their favourite chocolate or sweets. The point of this is to surprise them, receiving a random treat or present that had thought behind it will make your partner feel appreciated and thought of. A gift with more thought and with a personal touch to your partner can be a lot more romantic than a hugely expensive piece of jewellery or item of clothing (unless they really really wanted it). 

Spend half hour a day just talking:   Having an in-depth conversation with your partner with no tele on, no radio and no one else around is important. Give each other this time within your day to really gain strong connection. Not only is this for finding out how their day was but there will be a lot of things you won’t know about your partner. Ask each other questions, there is always more to know. 

Create in jokes or pet names for each other: You may already have different names for each other saved in your phones, this often happens through a joke or something that has happened during the relationship. This can help create a bond between you both. 

Do things as individuals: This may seem like a contradiction to what this blog is all about but, having separate interests and hobbies can create conversations and the opportunity to explore each other’s personal passions. It is also attractive to see your partner pursuing a separate hobby and if it’s sport, going to watch them play can be as equally as attractive.  

Let go of a grudge: Holding a grudge from an argument is easy to do no matter how stubborn you are. But, not letting go of something when it has already been resolved can often make the situation worse and kill the romance. Express how you feel, understand each other’s points, ask for reassurance and move on. Holding unnecessary grudges are not healthy for the relationship, don’t let one argument turn into another. 

Completing the chores together: Although this may seem like an activity that you do not look forward too, if you do it together it takes the stress off one person doing it. You can even hold little house competitions, we will let you be creative with that. Partners feel loved and adored when their partners help out around the house. 

Give each other a compliment every now and then: You can very easily take your partner for granted especially if you live with them and see them every day. To avoid this don’t forget to pay them a compliment every now and then. When they have achieved something, you are proud of or when you have really enjoyed spending time with them on a date that they arranged. Even complimenting them on their job, providing them with positive feedback from the stories they tell you. Acknowledging your partners strengths shows them that you see their strengths and admire them.

Start and complete a new challenge together: This could be anything from a mental or physical challenge. Complete a sudoku, crossword or even a puzzle together. For a more mentally challenging activity why not take up a new hobby to learn, or even an escape room to get out of together. These challenges allow you and your partner time together as well as working as a team… it’s you two against the world after all. 

Start a new class / hobby together:   Discover parts of your relationship that may have been hidden. Find out what else your partner is passionate about, if you know they are competitive then take up a new sport together. Learning something new will help make you feel more connected.

Surprise him/her: Even the smallest of surprises can be appreciated and spark a bit of romance. Their favourite sweets/chocolate or a random day at their favourite place all planned for. Planning and executing a surprise well will pay off in a variety of ways. Gestures of kindness is a sign that you are thinking of your partner and a sign of knowing them well.

Plan time to spend together: Forgetting to make time for each other in your busy schedules is easier than you may think, especially in the relationships over a year or two. Make sure you plan when you will have time together and make the most of it! Even a small length of time is important, making sure you have dinner together or go to bed together can make all the difference. 

Take it turns to plan the dates: Instead of the planning always being left to one person, take it in turns so that the pressure is off. This gives a variation of what you will get up to on the dates as you will both choose different activities. You can do this for anniversary’s too, take it turns to surprise the other with a restaurant they have never been too etc. 

Plan a lazy weekend together: Do nothing! Feet up, blankets out and tele on. This lazy weekend can be so good for you both to chill out from the previous week and spend some quality time with each other. Buy in some comfort food and binge watch a series of films.  

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Date Posted: Thursday 1st November 2018

Author: Jenna Halford