How Will You Pick Your Horse

It’s Grand National weekend and everyone is excited to get to the races or watch the races live on television. People choose their bet based on a variety of factors, most of these relate to the physical appearance or name of the horse. You could base your bet on either:

Horse name

Maybe a name relates to you in a way that reminds you of something or someone and this will be the horse you choose. Or it could be that the name is so random you quite like it.

Horse colour:

With so many colours of horses you may prefer the appearance of a certain colour and how they look. 

Jockey number:

Are you superstitious with odd numbers? This means half of the horses will be ruled out. Maybe you have a favourite number and you will place your bet based on this. 

Jockey name and history:

People very often bet based on the jockey winning previously and the history of the owner/trainer. Do your research if this option is for you.

The odds:

Betting based on the odds is popular to but remember when a 100/1 horse won the race! Take a risk! 

Going to the races is an amazing activity for hen parties so make sure you get in touch with us to book your places at the next Grand National. 

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Date Posted: Friday 5th April 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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