I Love You with All My Heart and ... 'Sole'

Your wedding day should look personalised from head to toe, and your wedding shoes will play a major role on your wedding day and provide an opportunity to add some creativity to your big day and stand out from the crowd. This trend of personalising the soles of the brides (& or groom) shoes is on the rise, creating a meaningful wedding memory. This can also be your little secret with what is on the soles … well that’s until you’re dancing like crazy at your reception. 

Something Blue…

The old saying “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” refers to items that the bride is supposed to carry with her on the big day. This tradition of something blue sometimes gets forgotten, why not add some personalisation onto the bottom of your shoes and keep the tradition alive. 

Keep the message simple: 

Keeping it simple may be more effective. A clear ‘I do’ is one of the favourite short and sweet wedding shoe ideas we think will look great! Maybe mix it up and have the date of the big day on one sole and the ‘I do’ or surname on the other. 


Get your bridesmaids involved:

You will always remember who the bridesmaids were on the day, but why not add this into your schedule for getting ready on the morning of your wedding. This could be scheduled in before or after your hair and make-up is done. Make it a memory for everyone to cherish. 

Keep to the theme of your wedding:

If your wedding has a magical theme why not continue this all the way through to your shoes. These shoes are sure to get some comments on the day, as well as a great memory of your theme. You almost wouldn’t want to wear these and ruin the intricate paintwork – maybe they could also be for show at your reception after the vows have been exchanged. 

Favourite couple quote:

Do you and your partner have a favourite quote or a saying that only you two understand the meaning of? Having these quotes on the bottom of your wedding day shoes is nearly as much of a commitment as saying, ‘I do’. May as well commit to your partner with your ‘sole’ as well as vows. 


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Date Posted: Thursday 2nd August 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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