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Who doesn't love a good party especially when it's celebrating your friend's single life send off. But there is planning that needs to be done! To ensure that the planning stages are smooth sailing these apps below will ensure that everyone knows what's happening and when.

Everyone probably has this app nowadays as it is a great channel for communication. Set up a group chat without the bride so that you can plan her weekend. Decide who is organising which part of the party and most importantly keep the girls updated on payments, plans and location. It is worthwhile setting up a group for the bridesmaids so that plans can be made between you. Post pictures, fancy dress ideas the lot.


Google Docs:
This may seem very official and too serious. But it will help you! You can upload the whole itinerary for everyone to see, price breakdowns, activity ideas and so much more. Everyone in the group can edit the spreadsheet so this is a great way to keep on track of who has paid for things for the hen weekend to make sure it's fair on everyone.


This app is essential if you're heading to a city. Especially if you are all newbies to the city this app will keep you on the right track. No need to worry about having separate apps or websites open for bus, tube or train times this app does it all for you. Set out the location you want to go, and it gives you the best route plus how much it will cost.


Find My Friends:
You may be wondering why, but have you ever lost your friends on a night out before? With this app you won't need to worry about that happening. Your friends will only ever be within close proximity to the group. No strays on a hen weekend.

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Date Posted: Friday 20th September 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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