Life, Draw, Laugh

We had the pleasure of hosting a life drawing class here at Off Limits HQ. We love to test out the activities that we send our hen groups on, so that we can advise the best activity to suit a variety of groups. We started our session off with some much needed pizza! There was a professional art tutor that gave us an introduction into life drawing, she was so relaxed and funny! She explained how to draw the physique and how to use the charcoal to create shadows and different textures. The life model at first came into the room with a towel covering him up. Our first task was to draw him for 3 minutes. The first drawings were very funny and some were questionable as to whether they were looking at the same thing everyone else was! It created laughter and so many jokes being thrown around the room. 


The life model then removed his towel for the first naked pose, we had to use our opposite hand to draw this one. Our next drawing, we were tasked with the challenge of not being able to look at the paper, we could only have eyes on the model. Everyone was thoroughly enjoying this activity and it’s definitely something different to do with the girls. It’s perfect for a hen party as the life model does silly games with everyone. He chose the drawings he thought were the best and whoever won ended up having to help the life model in the next pose. We all decided on a sex position we thought they should go into for us to draw. This was hysterically funny! One of the chosen positions involved one of the girls getting on her knees.


Life drawing may not be something all hens would think of doing on their hen party but if you are the party planner this activity should definitely be up there in the options! It was nonstop laughter and fun! You may surprise yourself and be able to draw better than you think. The art tutor was so helpful and made sure she went around the room to give helpful tips and hints so that our drawings were the best they could be. 


This is such a great activity and we can sort a venue for you to do the class at or we can bring the class to you!

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Date Posted: Friday 29th November 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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