Little Miss Bridesmaids

Deciding who will be your bridesmaids will be a tough decision, how many do you have and who? It is certain though that they will all play a different role and the bunch of bridesmaids you select will consist of a variety of different personalities. 

From Little Miss Organised to Little Miss Emotional we’ve gathered a list of the different types of bridesmaids out there that we bet you’ll come across.

Which ones are in your bridal squad?

1. Little Miss Bossy 


From organising the hen party to making sure all goes to plan on the day this bridesmaid is the one telling everyone what to do and where to be. She means well as she wants everything to be perfect, but other bridesmaids may get irritated by her bossy ways. You better hope you don’t have two little miss bossy’s. She’ll be given your wedding coordinator a run for their money, unless she is that herself.  

2. Little Miss Party Animal


With this party animal in your bridal squad you will be guaranteed a hen party to remember, don’t expect a relaxed weekend away, this will be full on from start to finish. She will also be the first one to be up and dancing at your reception and the one to be getting the shots in at the bar. 

3. Little Miss Emotional


You knew this one would be named little miss emotional from the first ever day you even told her you were engaged. She cried and sobbed her heart out over the moon for you, she will be the one crying at the wedding, at your first dance, and most defiantly at the end of the night. She’s a cutie though as she will be emotional over how beautiful you look in your dress, she’s not scared to show her feelings. 

4. Little Miss Late 


This bridesmaid has probably already been given this name, as she has always been late to everything you have arranged over the years. She will be the one who strolls up to the hen party late but this little miss is a party animal too. When she does eventually arrive, you know she’s in the room. If you can get onto her phone before the wedding change her clock to make sure that she is on time for the wedding, as no one wants anyone walking through the door at this moment in the vows “Speak now or forever hold your peace”.

5. Little Miss Perfect


We all need one of these bridesmaids in our lives, she brings you wine when you need wine, gives you space when you need it, says what you want to hear and controls the rest of the group. You could call her little miss sensible too. 

6. Little Miss Jealous 


This is the bridesmaid that gets jealous of your relationships with the others, you two have maybe known each other the longest and when you are all together, she thinks she knows you the best and feels like she should be the top of your priorities. She gets annoyed if you pay too much attention to someone else, make plans without her or another friend trumps her present. She cares a lot, and if she could she would be all types of bridesmaid in one. 

7. Little Miss Know-it-All 


This bridesmaid knows everything. Best bars in town, best places to eat, she’s been there done everything you speak about and if not better than your story. She does come in handy, as her knowledge on certain things is great and you will have the best night out with her as she has most certainly been to all the bars and clubs.

8. Little Miss Greedy


Catch this bridesmaid wherever there is food! At the reception she will find a perfect spot near the buffet, on the hen do she will be the one hunting down the best takeaway for those 3am snacks. Food is always a priority, or she will be hangry! On the plus side of this, she has a great taste for food and will only eat in the best places, so meals with this one are always going to be great! 

9. Little Miss Negative


Ohhh yes, this bridesmaid is the family member that you must include, the one who may not get on with you all the time, the one who always has something negative to say, about anything!! If you get a compliment out of this little miss on the day, count yourself lucky! 

10. Little Miss Chatterbox


Always talking and gossiping this bridesmaid. She is the one who knows the latest on the old school friends, the work colleagues and celeb news. She will always have so much to say. But, having said that this bridesmaid is the one you will go to if you had something on your mind, if you wanted to talk something over, she’s your girl. If you think she talks a lot normally you wait until you get a glass of vino down her, you won’t be able to get a word in. 

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Date Posted: Wednesday 14th November 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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