Most Expensive Easter Eggs Ever Made

Chocolatey goodness on a grand scale!

Feeling flush? Here are some of the most expensive Easter eggs ever made. Or you could just pop off down the shops for a bag of mini eggs. Or you could get creative like the master chocolatiers featured below and learn how to make your own goodies with a hen party chocolate workshop.

1. 'Diamond Stella' by La Maison du Chocolat was created in 2006 and still holds the world record for most expensive Easter egg ever made. Stella was crafted out of dark chocolate, stood at 65cm high, and was studded with 100 half-carat diamonds. The price tag was £50,000!

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2. 'Shawish Geneva Surprise' was made (sorry, hand crafted!) by Philippe Pascoet and sold exclusively at Harrods. It was only 20cm high but it was dusted with gold and contained a white gold pendant inlaid with 64 emeralds and 314 diamonds. So, you know, totally worth £28,000!

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3. Trust Choccywoccydoodah to come up with a Faberge-style Easter egg with a unicorn hatching out of it! This trio of eggs costs an eye-watering £25,000.

Image credit: Metro

4. William Curley's 'Golden Speckled Egg' weighed 110 pounds and was made of finest Venezuelan chocolate, filled with couture chocolate and truffles, and decorated with 12 small eggs, 20 chocolate bars, 5 flowers, and gold leaf. It sold at auction for £7,000 back in 2012. All proceeds went to Action for Children, and Elephant Family.

Image credit: Pinterest

5. 'We Are New York' by Jacques Torres depicted the most famous bits of the New York skyline and was priced at £5,500. Made in 2014, it weighed 55kg and was 76cm high.

Image credit: Pinterest

6. In 2014, a chocolatier called Thierry Atlan came up with this amazing 40lb 'Timekeeping' Easter egg for New York restaurant Sugar and Plumm. The cost? A cool £3,300.

Image credit: homemadebyyou, via elitedaily

7. 'Decadent Easter Egg' by Charbonnel et Walker. The clue's in the name! This gorgeous confection weighs 12kg and will set you back £650.

Image credit: Twitter

8. Bettys Imperial Easter egg is a snip at £250. Well, it is compared with the others! Think five kilos of Grand Cru Swiss chocolate, plus edible flowers and butterflies.

Image credit: Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

9. This limited edition beehive creation is one of the most expensive Easter eggs for 2016. It's on sale at Fortnum & Mason for £150.

Image credit: The Sun

10. Back on planet Earth, the Hotel Chocolat Classic Ostrich Egg can be yours for £75. Not exactly pocket change but half the price of the last one!

Image credit: Manchester Evening News

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Date Posted: Monday 21st March 2016

Author: Jenna Halford

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