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Recently, five of us got together and did cocktail making for my friend's birthday. We did the cocktail making package in Nottingham. It was my second time doing the master class. The first time was in Birmingham.

So, we all arrived at the venue and received a strawberry daiquiri. Then, our mixologist Dec came over and introduced himself. We were all given name funny stickers. We thought we were funny and wrote “let's get ready to rumble” on his name tag! The stickers are a great idea for hen party groups with some people who don't know each other.

We headed over to the bar and had a shot to toast the host. Luckily I picked a really nice shot. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case later on!

We were then given a mini history lesson on cocktails. At first I was thinking “great, I just want to get stuck in so I can make and drink the cocktails” but it was actually really interesting. Dec then showed us some of the classic cocktail techniques such as shaking, straining and mixing before it was time for us to get behind the bar . He made a Long Island Iced Tea and a Russian Bride for us to taste.

Dec had a bunch of napkins with tasks written on them. We couldn't see which one we were picking as they were facing down. Let the games begin!

First up behind the bar were Chloe and Maria. The challenge they were faced with was making cocktails with Chloe's right hand tied to Maria's left. It was absolutely hilarious! Chloe had to hold the glass whilst Maria poured; Maria had to hold the bottle while Chloe put the lid on. In the end their cocktail turned out really well.

Next, Shona and Laura had a cocktail making race. This was great fun to watch. Dec judged whose tasted best. This meant they couldn't rush too much because it still had to taste good. He decided to put a spin on the challenge.

The spin was that the person with the nicest cocktail gets a nice shot and the looser gets a chilli shot. Well, Shona lost. As it was her birthday we all decided to do the chilli shot too! I looked at it and thought, “it's red so maybe he's trying to trick us and it's actually strawberry” but it wasn't, definitely chilli. Worst decision ever!

Finally it was mine and Holly's turn. We got the blindfold challenge. I was blindfolded trying to make a cocktail with Holly directing me. I had to find the bottles which, isn't very easy when you don't know your left from right. I had to pour the shots with everyone shouting at me to stop. I didn't know how much I was pour, I couldn't see a thing! Surprisingly, it tasted great.

At the end, everyone got another cocktail and shot. I was surprised at how many drinks we had. Cocktail making lessons are amazing value for money!

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Date Posted: Tuesday 25th June 2013

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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