National Bridesmaids Day

25th March is the official day to celebrate your bridesmaids. National Bridesmaids day is a day to show appreciation of the hard work of the bridesmaids in the build up their best friend’s wedding. It is easy to over see how much our bridesmaids do for us, they will be pulling their hair just as much as the bride before the wedding but will show no stress or emotion to the bride. 

Bridesmaids Duties:

The Hen Party 

This is the one all bridesmaids love to plan, the official send off of their best friend, the biggest party of the year. This is the bridesmaid’s real moment to shine, they will take the lead in organising and consult all bridesmaids for ideas and speak to the bride about who she wants to attend. Some bridesmaids have a bigger job and may need to organise two hen parties: a hen party for the Uni friends, school friends and close friends and then another for the bride’s mum and older relatives. 

The run up to the wedding:  

The wedding date will creep up quickly and there is so much the bridesmaids do in the run up to the big day. They make sure all bridesmaids know when to arrive, what to wear, what to bring and ensure the bride has everything she wants on the morning of the wedding. 

Bridesmaids need to make sure they are available for all dress appointments and have their positive vibes at the ready, remember it’s the bride’s big day so she calls the shots! 

They think about useful things like umbrellas in case the weather is bad, some bridesmaid creates bridal emergency kits for the bride too. These can include emergency hair clips, emergency lip balm and little deodorant. 

The main job is keeping the bride calm. Especially the morning of the wedding, making sure the bride is not stressed and is enjoying herself. 

The day before:

The bridesmaids still have jobs to do right up until the last minute. The day before duties include collecting any pre-ordered hired items, setting up of the reception room the night before, accompany the bride to any last minute beauty appointments. Some bridesmaids will be staying over the night before with the bride, so things like putting together a sleepover kit is all down to the bridesmaids. 

The big day:

This is the day that the bridesmaids need to be on top form ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and the bride is not worried about anything. They make sure that the flowers are handed out and delivered on time, help the bride to get ready (make-up or getting into wedding dress) and most importantly make sure the bride has a good breakfast as the next time she eats might be a good few hours away with a couple of prosecco’s in between. 


After the wedding:

Yes, there are still bridesmaids’ duties after the big day. Once the newly married couple jet off on their honeymoon you may need to help with taking back anything that was hired, removing decorations from the wedding venue and take care of the wedding dress until they are back. 

Bridesmaid Top Tips:


Set up a bridesmaids group chat

Put together a hen party kit for all the girls

Put together a sleepover kit for the night before the wedding 

Emergency kit assembled 

Find your sense of humour 

Make sure the bride and bridesmaids eat on the big day 

Talk to the groom

Don’t be grumpy 

Make sure you get some sleep 

Take loads of pics right from the beginning 

An excellent bride tribe can make a huge difference to the overall experience of the bride, without the bridesmaids the bride would be one stressed women. 

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Date Posted: Thursday 21st March 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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