Planning A Hag Do?

Definition: A hag do is a combination of hens and stags on one do – the bride and groom both attend, as well as both male and female guests. It can also be referred to as a sten do.

The tradition of hen and stag parties may be fading away, with the idea of joint celebrations. They are becoming more popular as the years go on. If you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex, it can feel a shame for those to miss out on celebrating with the rest of the group. Another reason why hag dos are becoming the favoured celebration is because more often or not both sides become good friends with each other, so keeping the group together would be the only and best option in some cases. A hag do is a great way to include all your friends and raise a toast to your up-coming nuptials. 

Both hen and stag dos have their traditional activities which are most popular when it comes to a fun-filled weekend. Cocktail making, spa days and wine tasting are classic hen ideas and whisky tasting, paintballing and quad biking for stag. But if you are joining the hens and stags together the activity needs to be much more creative, competitive and exciting for both parties to enjoy. 

Below are some activities that are perfect for your hag do: 

Boat party with our Yacht charter: 

Our Yacht Charter is an activity that everyone can enjoy together. This is especially an activity to keep in mind if you are having your hag party abroad, partying in the sun with all your favourites with ice cold drinks and plenty of fun in and out of the water. A yacht charter will also add that little feeling of luxury to your special weekend. 

Comedy Club:

A visit to a comedy club will get everyone laughing and in the mood for a night out. This can be a great activity to start your weekend off right, begin with pre-drinks and then head to the comedy club. This also gives you all something to talk about after to keep the laughter flowing. 

Escape Rooms: 

Our escape rooms are perfect to get the group working together and having a laugh. You have one hour to escape the room; will you and your group be successful? It takes team work, sharp wits and speed to beat the clock. This activity is perfect for a hag do as there are plenty of different roles for everyone to step into and allows the guys to feel as though they are in charge (when they try and take control). 

It’s a Knockout:

If your looking for a competitive challenge putting the hens against the stags, then It’s a Knockout is perfect! You will never have been so competitive before than to beat the opposite sex – we call it the battle of the sexes! Everyone will be in fits of laughter creating some epic memories, taking amazing action shots and selfies. You will all be smiling so much your face will hurt. 

Totally Wiped Out:

This is another one of our favourites for competitive inflatable madness! This is a fast-paced and furious battle of the sexes. You will get into teams of hens and stags and fight it out for the top spot on the winner’s podium! You’ll need to give it everything you’ve got over the big red balls and the sweeper arm! Who will win team bride or team groom!?

Beer Bike:

Hiring a beer bike in your chosen city will be a fun starter to your day (plus it keeps the stags happy with a few pints). Get the drinks flowing whilst working together to explore your surroundings. Great activity to get everyone chatting and make the most of your time within the city. 

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Date Posted: Thursday 20th September 2018

Author: Jenna Halford

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