Post hen party detox

After the frolicking fun of your hen party, you're likely to feel a little worse for wear. This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for your big day getting closer with every second that passes. No one likes to feel down and groggy, especially after the blood, sweat and tears that you've lost on the pre-wedding fitness regime, so a detox after your binge weekend is a treat that many soon-to-be brides invest in.

The whole idea of a detox - in this instance anyway - is to get rid of the wine, gin, cocktails and take-outs you ate when you were letting it all hang out with the girls (in every sense possible probably, going by the state you were in).

The benefits of doing this include your body getting rid of the waste products, namely alcohol and junk food, giving it a fresh lease of life and making you feel great in time for your big day.

Detoxes are all the rage nowadays - literally everyone's doing them, including the celebs - and they're a great way to get your body picture perfect in time for your big day.

Although a three or five day detox might not seem a lot, it means you need to commit to giving up all the bad stuff - chocolate, wine, fizzy drinks, coffee (all of it) - and we all know that's not easy…

The key to a good detox is hydration, but you must choose the right fluids otherwise you could find yourself gaining weight and developing acne and tired looking skin.

YES - Water - add a squeeze of lemon juice or slice of cucumber to your water for added vitality and refreshment

NO - Fizzy drinks

NO - Alcohol

NO - Caffeine

Although there are plenty of liquid-only detoxes out there, the majority fail them because they're just too difficult. There's no reason why you should avoid food during a detox - we all know how difficult that is - it just means you need to control the food you eat and avoid the rubbish (obviously much easier said than done).

  • Fresh fruit - full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all kinds of other handy stuff your body needs to glow
  • Whole grains - Stick to the rule of choosing brown over white (bread, pasta etc.) and you'll be pretty safe and well on your way to the trim wedding day figure you need to fit snuggly into that gorgeous dress
  • Green leaves - you've got the freedom here to decide whether you want to eat them cooked or raw - simply, salad or not. It's important to get over the “I'm not a rabbit” feeling here, because green leaves help with digestion and contain a lot of antioxidants that will help flush the harmful toxins from your body.
  • Lemons - these guys really are superfoods so you might want to think about incorporating them into your normal diet rather than keeping them contained in your detox. Whether it's a squeeze of lemon juice on your salad or a slice in your water, lemons help neutralise acid and burn calories - so hurry up and get munching.

At Hen Weekends, we know the idea of a DIY detox is something that seems a little too much effort, then don't worry. You can still achieve the perfect skin, hair and body in time for your big day because there are plenty of companies out there that deliver everything you need for a complete detox, right to your door. Alternatively, rather than having to deal with the stress of needing to detox after your hen party, why not embark on one of our action-packed, adrenaline filled weekends that'll ensure the calories from the alcohol and questionable food choices are burned off effectively?

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Date Posted: Wednesday 14th January 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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