The Rules of Hen Club

So you've been on the waiting list, you've had the turmoil of wondering if you're going to make the final cut, there were times when you thought your invite was inevitable only to be told 'You can't sit with us', but now you're here, complete with the much sought after rock . . Welcome to Hen Club, these are the rules. . .

1. The first rule of Hen Club, we don't talk about Hen Club.

2. The second rule of Hen Club, we don't talk about Hen Club.

Okay we couldn't resist putting these as our first two, however there is meaning behind this shameless reference. Talking about this exclusive club of soon to be married women will drive your single and ring-less mates crazy and you may find your wedding plans playing out like a scene in Bride Wars. Fair Warning!


3. No woman gets left behind!

Head count before leaving every venue. Amongst every clique there is a wanderer. She'll go to the bar and return hours later having ventured to Narnia through the cloak room. Keep tabs on your flock to avoid spending the whole night looking for your wanderer!


4. You are only as strong as your weakest woman.

This rule is multifaceted; there will always be one of you that are wearing heels that simply cannot be walked in, not to mention the one who is still sipping their first Martini when everyone else is on their third. Keep the pace and don't steam ahead, you're a team!

5. Keep up!

Despite Rule 4, this doesn't mean dwindling, try breaking in your shoes the week before and for goodness sake, it's a hen party, drink up! There is nothing worse than being the only sober one (unless you're the designated driver) in a party full of your drunken friends.


6. Dancing is compulsory

Get on the dance floor and unleash your inner Beyoncé, no excuses, despite your inferior 'Single Ladies', it's the rules.


7. Strippers are socially acceptable

It is totally okay to hire a stripper on a hen weekend, however, we do suggest that you do your research before you book. You really don't want an old fat man gyrating in your face; un-alcohol related sickness is considered hen weekend protocol!


8. Hangovers are a given, be prepared!

You are almost guaranteed to end up the next morning looking like a smelly, panda-eyed, dehydrated hag. Be prepared and remember to pack your sunglasses, deodorant and some moisturiser!

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Date Posted: Wednesday 7th January 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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