Things To Talk About Before You Get Married

When you are with someone and they pop the question of ‘Will you marry me?’ we would assume that all the questions we may hold have been answered and both people in the relationship want the same things. This isn’t always the case, make sure that before you go ahead you have a very open and honest conversation and make sure these questions are answered so that you are both on the same page moving forward. Here are some questions you should think about:

Do you agree on having children?

Do you both want to have children, and if so how many. This is a sensitive subject sometime and makes guys especially want to hide away. But it can’t just be brushed under the carpet because if one person in the relationship does want them and the other doesn’t this could cause some unhappiness in the relationship. Sometimes it’s not all based on one person saying they do or do not want to have children because as the relationship grows through the marriage and life changes decisions and views can be changed. It’s making the other aware of what each other wants. 

Managing the in-laws:

Do you get on with their family, do they get on with yours? Will you be able to share family time together, go on holidays etc. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds but it is still very important to have that conversation with each other before you get married. Be clear with expectations about family time so it’s not an awkward conversation every time it comes up.   

Let’s talk money:

Money in a relationship can be a touchy subject and a source of frustration within couples. Decide how you will share your money, the split with bills and who will pay for what and when. Decide on things you will be planning to save for together and discuss how you will get there together, who is best with money and budgeting. Some couples completely split the pot of money and treat each person’s personal money as shared, this may not work for everyone and can lead down a slippery slope which is best to avoid.  Budget money for yourself and each other. Happy days. 

Where will you start married life from?

Where will you start the next chapter of your lives, in your hometown, in their hometown? You may both be from completely different parts of the country so it’s important to discuss where you would both like to settle down. Working out what is best for you both and your relationship.  

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Date Posted: Friday 8th March 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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